Microelectronics Assembly

Examples of Intricon microelectronic design and assembly

In-market. On-time. On-budget. That’s the Intricon advantage. Decades of experience in microelectronics design and assembly combined with a focus on joint development manufacturing give you every advantage. Our engineers can guide your designs to ensure the highest performance and manufacturability. Then we use our state-of-the-art high-speed surface mount technology (SMT) pick-and-place machines to populate your flex circuits or printed circuit boards. If you have a need for ball bonding or wedge bonding, we have you covered with in-house capabilities for both technologies. Automated computer-controlled testing equipment is used to download your programs and perform electrical testing to verify that all requirements are met.

Examples of Intricon microelectronic design and high volume assembly the microminiature size compared to the size of a dime.

Both proprietary automation equipment and skilled hand assembly are available at our facilities in the United States, Singapore, and Indonesia. For the latest in microelectronic subassemblies and devices, Intricon can help you improve performance, provide higher yields and improve the cost structure of the manufacturing process.