Chart showing medical device platform focus by Intricon
interventional catheters
Molded needle assemblies
hearing health
electromagnetic navigation sensors
body worn devices

Interventional Catheters & Delivery Systems

Examples of interventional catheters. Intricon advances innovation in interventional catheters and delivery systems through joint development manufacturing.

Specializing in thin-wall, high-tolerance extrusions, Intricon produces microcatheters, aspiration catheters, stent delivery systems and balloon catheters often with steerable/deflectable tip shafts. Clinical applications include cardiovascular, peripheral vascular, neurovascular, structural heart, pulmonology and more.

Intricon’s interventional catheter fabrication capabilities include electromagnetic micro-coil and sensor integration to enable precise device tip location. With our range of technical capabilities, Intricon can bring to life your device designs that include a wide range of microelectronics as well as precision miniature molded parts and sub-assemblies. Our joint development manufacturing approach extends all the way to fully assembled, packaged devices.