Product Details

The improved APT™D Open ITC (In-the-Canal ) from Intricon has a sleek, compact design that is so small it does not occlude the ear canal. The replaceable wax guard system enhances the robust mechanical design. The improved patented D-ring retention system allows for the unit to be easily converted to wear behind either ear.

These unique features create stable, effective amplification, occlusion-free comfort and easy integration to your fitting system making the APT™D Open ITC a new leader in the open ITC market.

Amplifier Options

Audion 16/16+ Overtus


  • High-Tech Robust Design
  • Patented Changeable D-Ring Retention System
  • Industry-Proven Wax Guard System
  • Patented ACOUS-TAP Acoustic Push Button
  • Color Options: Beige and Black

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